ROGVIAN started 2020 with successful completion of its technological projects in Germany and Italy. By the end of February 2020, the company managed to bring to successful end five high-tech international projects in Munich, Berlin, Ingolstadt and Torino. The projects lasted for three months.


Being the selected engineering partner of the leading technological company LUXOFT, ROGVIAN launched operations on the international market with new projects at the high-tech company offices in Germany (Munich, Berlin and Ingolstadt) and Italy (Torino). The total built-up area of the three sites in Munich only exceeds 4000 square meters. The total floor area of the Berlin office goes beyond 2000 square meters.


Having implemented the structured cabling systems of the Bulgarian office of the company at Building “B” of Hermes Park – Sofia, ROGVIAN now expanded its partnership to deliver new reliable systems for access control, video surveillance, intercom and security systems.

The cooperation between ROGVIAN and Luxoft has a four-year-long history. During this time the two companies proved their good partnership relations. Here is what shares Emil Jadetti, Operational Manager at Luxoft Bulgaria. The quote relates to a former project on ensuring continuous electric UPS supply to the server premises:

“We have excellent impressions of the |ROGVIAN’s| way of leading negotiations, contracting agreements and strict implementation of their contractual obligations.

Thanks to the high professional standard of the different unit managers as well as their responsible attitude to work, all deliveries have been performed in due deadlines, volume and quality.”

Now ROGVIAN once again proves that it is a company with high business standard. Further, it is also a company which observes the best European practices and related industrial standards.


ROGVIAN’s quality as a certified partner of global producers of systems guarantees that the innovative equipment which has been implemented in the projects corresponds to the EU market trends and also forms a prerequisite for improving the competitive edge of the high-tech European offices.

ROGVIAN ranks fourth for structured cabling systems

In 2019, ROGVIAN won the prestigious fourth place among the installers of structured cabling systems (SCS) in Bulgaria. This makes a second recognition for the company in ICT TOP 5!


In June 2019, the firm reconfirmed its leadership position of a TOP 5 installer in TOP 100 Technology Companies in Bulgaria – a survey of the Bulgarian ICT sector conducted by Computerworld Bulgaria and ICT Media. The study is one of the most prominent overviews of the technological sector in the country.

Apart from its financial results, the ranking distinguished ROGVIAN also with a review of five of its most significant 2018 projects.


Some of the most prominent projects in the company’s portfolio for 2018 are:

  • Building of a SCS and electric supply at the new TELUS TOWER, located at Sofia’s Macedonia Square, servicing 5500 workplaces at category 6A, ensuring video surveillance with 450 cameras, 8 centralized servers and access control of more than 130 doors;
  • Delivering of a SCS and electric supply of the new Middle East Capital in Plovdiv, covering 900 workstations at category 6A, video surveillance with 90 cameras and 2 centralized servers;
  • Implementing of a SCS and electric supply of Hermes Park Sofia for IngramMicro with 400 workplaces and overall electric installation. Similar capacity presents also the CODIX project, which further includes access control.


ROGVIAN ranks 11th among the top communicators with respect to its income volume. It further is a part of the best 100 technological companies in the country as a whole.


The prestigious ranking once again proved the stable and sustainable growth, which the company has been demonstrating through the years. It reconfirmed ROGVIAN’s leadership among the installators of structured cabling systems in Bulgaria and praized its signficant achievements and projects. ROGVIAN hopes to sustain the positive development trend and be yet closer to its clients.

ROGVIAN delivered a top project as a certified distributor

In 2018, ROVIAN built 5500 workplaces at one of the most advanced business buildings in Sofia – THE TELUS TOWER. As a certified distributor of world brands, the company provided a set of innovative solutions.


In brief, the project has been implemented in strict timeframe by observing the highest professional and quality standards. ROGVIAN satisfied the customer requirements by using its own certified distributor network of partners. As a result, it launched more than 5000 modern workplaces, and set the environment for new dynamic operation.


Overall, the demanding project scope included:

  • Servicing 5500 workplaces, category 6A;
  • Building video surveillance with 450 cameras;
  • Installing 8 centralized servers, and
  • Implementing access control of over 130 doors.

In a word, this is a hallmark for the company, highlighted in external reviews.


Recently, TELUS TOWER has been standing out as one of the most innovative buildings in Sofia. As an exmaple, the building ground floor hosts a modern gym. Functionally, it has welcomed the team of TELUS, as well as offices of other companies and teams. 

Further, TELUS TOWER has been located at one of the central Sofia’s squares, which makes it an attractive place for employers and workers. Now, with the help of ROGVIAN, it already presents high communication and employee workplace standards. 


Finally, ROGVIAN was happy to be a partner in this project and to support his client with a set of first-class solutions. ROGVIAN delivered the expected results by scoring high on all expectiations for deadlines, budget and quality.