Rogvian – a High-end Technology Partner at a New Premium Co-working

In June 2021, Rogvian completed the delivery of its technological services to one of the newest elite co-working spaces in the heart of the Bulgarian capital. The “Entract 127” project stood out with its specifics stemming from the fitting of the latest state-of-the-art technologies into the cultural value of the building. Several prestigious media have recognized the new shared offices as one of the first “post-COVID” generation business projects.

COVID-19 capsized the class A office space market by sharpening the competition for investors and tenants. It further set new design requirements and defined new quality performance standards. Novel projects from the “post-COVID generation” emerged, among which the premium co-working space “Entract 127“. It brought into light one of the latest metropolitan architectural jewels located at 127, Rakovski Str, Sofia.


Entract’s shared co-working spaces for 55 workstations

Shared Office Spaces

The new premium co-working features a completely renovated and modern interior located at a self-contained wing of The Slavyanska Beseda Hotel. It combines the cultural heritage of the capital with the latest architectural, design and technological trends. One of the project’s most challenging requirements was preserving the building status as a monument of culture. This was attained by its entire reconstruction, original interior design and high-end technologies.

Since July 2021, the new multifunctional office spaces of “Entract 127” have been already welcoming visitors. They present completely renovated shared business spaces located on six floors with a total area of over 2 000 sq. m. On the first floor one can find a chic and cozy reception room (on the picture below), accompanied by an open co-working space for 55 people. The latter is additionally arranged with soundproofed booths, ready-to-use kitchen spaces, comfortable relax zones, etc. Finally, the new visitors can benefit from additional three floors of 34 fully-furbished business offices, 9 meeting rooms, as well as a dedicated event space.

Entrance Hall and Design Lightning

The Chic Entrance Hall and Its Design Lightning

For further details about the overall building transformation and site opening, please see here (in Bulgarian only).

Rogvian’s contribution

Thanks to the high-end technological services delivered by Rogvian, the new inhabitants can now enjoy a modern visitors’ experience. They can benefit from premium working facilities with high comfort and security. Entract127’s team, on the other hand, is capable of offering competitive work conditions. Further, it can take full advantage of the building’s professional access control and safety provisions.

Multifunctional Spaces

Entract’s Multifunctional Spaces with its Multimedia Systems

Rogvian has delivered its full-service pack in the conditions of overall building renovation. This helped set the office facilities into operation as well as meet the high requirements of the new working stations. The main project services included the building of a structured cabling system (SCS), cat. 6A with wireless network (Wi-Fi). This was coupled by the provision of electric installation and design lighting. Further, the company ensured a complete building of a fire alarm system fully integrated with all other office systems for optimal prevention.

The specialized technological solutions of Rogvian also included:

The integrated package of services provided for the high value added of proposed solutions.

Technology Selection by Rogvian

With a view to the successful project implementation, Rogvian made precise technology selection. It included CISCO‘s wireless solutions, SALTO KS’s latest cloud solutions, Dahua Technology‘s digital video surveillance offerings, and more. Thus, the project was made possible due to the company’s certified partnerships and its team’s experience.


Despite the extra challenges of the pandemic, the project finished in due quality and terms. Rogvian team’s experience in class “A” buildings once again proved its professionalism.

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