Sample Project: Rogvian’s projects in this vertical present a flagship delivered for a multi-national international IT company, operating across 18 countries all over the world. The company delivers service to three main office centers in Sofia, Berlin and Munich.
First, the Sofia project presents the delivery of a structured cabling system, video monitoring, and security system spread over 2500 sq. m. Second, the Munich project was implemented accross four buildings of an area of 3000 sq. m. It may be seen at the Neue Balan Business Centre. At a glance, the solution consists of an access control system, video monitoring system and an intercom, all three integrated in a platform. Finally, the Berlin project includes video monitoring, access control, and security system installed at altogether five buildings with overall surface area of 2800 sq. m.

Rogvian’s projects feature the implementation of a SCS and other works for a big international BPO at one of the most sustainable modern Sofia buildings. In general terms, the project included but was not limited to:

  • Building of a structured cabling system;
  • Electric supply of over 5500 workplaces category 6A;
  • Video surveillance of over 450 cameras;
  • 8 centralized servers;
  • High-class access control for more than 130 doors.

Providing structured cabling system and access control for an international French software company. The project consisted of:

  • Building of a structured cabling system;
  • Access control system for the building.
Servicing of Hermes park Sofia, buildings B and D with structured cabling system and electric supplies. This included:

  • Installation of more than 450 workstations;
  • Fire alarm system.


Sample Project: Rogvian’s projects highlight the provision of overall electric supply for an international food and beverage company operating at a building with its own near switchyard. In brief, in case of power shortage, the building has been provided for by two supplementary generator units. In addition, the project included installing the equipment of a dedicated room with communication stand type RACK. Further, structured cabling system has been ensured by underground electricity equipment, thus ensuring every workplace with a double flooring. Finally, Rogvian enusred optic connection as well.

Rogvian delivered electric supply, security systems and grounding installation at an insect farm for fodder production in Elin Pelin
Provision of a structured cabling system at the Plant for the Production of Electronic and Mechatronic Components for the Automotive Industry in Pazardzhik – Kostal.


Sample Project: Rogvian’s projects provide as an example the provision of a structured cabling system and access control for RUVEX Business Center. It represents an administrative building with first-class office premises, residential and living areas.

This project features the building of a structured cabling system, power supply and security systems at a modern multi-storey office and office building. In a word, it equippes four of the eleven floors at one of the most modern buildings in Sofia.
Overall, the company has delivered a number of projects for residential buildings. They included activities such as installation of structured cabling systems, electric supply, security and fire alarm systems, etc.
A modern gym for one of the most environmentally oriented and sustainable modern business buildings in Sofia – TELUS TOWER. In a nutshell, it included implementation of a sound system, multimedia and video surveillance.

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