Today’s business world uses more and more access control and work schedule control systems.  That is why, these have to easily integrate with the respective business processes and business specifics.

At a glance, here the employees use a “personal ID card” to register at devices installed at the entry points of a given site. Naturally, this may be the main entrance, section or unit entrance, or even the very workplace. Therefore, with the help of access control the customer may authorize access to the work premises, increase the security of information, restrict theft from employees, optimize work schedule, etc.

Generally, the access control systems offered by ROGVIAN may be both individual and combined. To elaborate, the latter is usually combined with video surveillance, fire alarm and security systems. As a whole, every project may be configured and integrated according to the particular site specifics.

In this line of our activities we work with leading providers such as PAXTON, CDVI, QNTRA.

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